The Fabric Manager

A Memoir of a Craft Store Manager

Book summary

After years of working for small businesses, I found myself employed as a manager for a craft store within a corporation.  Though it was not as big as the most well-known craft chains, it was still a different environment than with which I was comfortable.  I had high hopes for the job, knowing that larger companies can generally pay more than small businesses and usually offered more benefits.  What I found was a company in chaos, struggling to survive in a changing world, and employees who were both overworked and underpaid.

As my time continued with the company, I began to truly hate the job, losing respect for my boss who never valued my experience, knowledge, or input, and never helped me to grow as a manager within the company, seeing me as just some kid who knew nothing about business.  That could not have been farther from the truth; my own business idea slowing cooking within the depths of my soul.  While my health started to suffer from unexpected complications, I still did what I could to stick by my employees, knowing that they needed a compassionate leader who wanted them to survive.

This is the true story of the lies of a corporation, leading up to and including the COVID-19 pandemic, and my struggle to continue for both my employees and my own family, trying to hold on to the tiniest sliver of my own sanity until I could someday get out and have the needed time to start my own business.

The Fabric Manager is available on Amazon or can be purchased directly from the author through Addicted Geeks.