The Admiral's Tale

Pirate Ophelia: The Admiral's Tale is the second book in the series and is a prequel to Pirate Ophelia.  Originally meant to be a short story that was part of a compilation, the tale became its own short book.

It is currently the first and only prequel, though another one is planned for a future release at an unknown time.

Book Summary

In this prequel to Pirate Ophelia, a young Janneke runs away from her troubled home life to join a merchant crew. She soon meets a new friend who starts her on the path to become a merchant captain. But their plans are met with disaster, and Janneke finds herself serving on multiple ships as part of the crew while she learns more about what it means to be a captain.

During her travels, Janneke meets new friends, including a few who will become her enemies years later. She gets the taste of life as a pirate and the freedom that comes with it. Her struggles throughout her journey help her grow as a person, but more so as a leader, giving her the wisdom and compassion she needs to gain the loyalty of her crew.



Pirate Ophelia: The Admiral's Tale is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback, or buy directly from the author through Addicted Geeks.