Pirate Ophelia

Pirate Ophelia was written as a way for Jen to express anger, frustration, and depression after a falling out with a close friend.  She published the real story on Medium shortly before releasing the second book in the series.

Pirate Ophelia: The Real Story

The book was originally published under Jen's maiden name, Freed, but it was re-released with her married name in the summer of 2022 to prepare for the next book in the series, The Admiral's Tale.

Book summary

Pirates, treachery, adventure…

Ophelia had always dreamed of someday becoming a pirate, so she took the first opportunity she had to become part of a crew, sailing as a low-rank privateer for the English.

However, a mutiny soon gives her a new captain, giving her the opportunity to fulfill her long-time dream of having her own ship.  But things start to go bad as her friends—those whom she considers to be her family—are torn apart, forced to fight each other as the struggle for control begins to show itself and lies are brought to the surface.

Pirate Ophelia is a novella for those who enjoy a good story and for anyone who has a bit of a pirate hidden within them.

Pirate Ophelia is available on Amazon in eBook, paperback, and hardcover, or buy directly from the author through Addicted Geeks.