About the Author

Jen Sullivan

Originally from York, Pennsylvania, Jen moved with her mother to Lebanon, Pennsylvania in the winter of 2011.  She has always been a gamer and a tech geek, but has gained many skills over the years, especially when she worked as a craft store manager.

Jen started writing when she was a kid and later would create scary stories with her younger brothers.  Her first published writing was a short eBook written to cheer up a friend in college.  The Cursed Hydra is a four part story that tells the same fairy tale from different perspectives.  The story was published mostly so Jen could learn the basics of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.  Pirate Ophelia was published a few months later through Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace, which is now owned by Amazon.

Since that first publication, Jen has improved on her writing style and story telling.  She often keeps chapters short due to her own ADHD, which makes it hard for her to read longer chapters.  Starting with The Admiral's Tale, she increased the font size of her physical books because of her resistance to wear bifocals.

Jen currently lives with her husband and their pets in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and her mother lives with them most of the year.  Jen is an avid gamer, tech geek, and gardener, and she owns the online store Addicted Geeks and the handmade brand Sullivan's Treasures.